ISRC Digital Update

ISRC Digital Update is a monthly e-newsletter that features upcoming events for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, their familes, and educators of D/HH students. The Digital Update also includes a wide variety of information and resources on topics such as deafness, deaf culture, parenting, sign language, behavior interventions, cochlear implants and much much more.
An archive of the issues from March 2015 on is available here.
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October 2014
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Superhero With Autism Featured in Comic Book
  3. Two Profiles from Caption Access: Tony M. Abou Ezzi and Kathy Cortopassi
  4. Functional Communication Training: Why It's More Than Just "Use Your Words"
  5. “The music for Deaf people”
  6. 50 States of America in ASL
  7. ASL and Cued Speech in ISD’s Bilingual Program
  8. ASL Fingerspelling Resources: Fingerseeks
  9. Halloween - Sign Language Vocabulary Lesson
  10. ASL Nook – School in ASL
  11. Multimedia in the ISRC Library
September 2014
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Suggested by People You Know!
  3. Upcoming Events
  4. Suggested by People You Know!
  5. DHH Super Heroes in the Comics
  6. ISD history in a shoebox
  7. Mental Health and Deafness Resources corporate offices have moved!
  8. Third Annual Deaf Can Do It Community Service Day on May 1, 2014 Sets World Record
  9. Jessena Williams, Statewide Coordinator of Mental Health Services for Individuals Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  10. Remote Coaching Helps Parents Deliver Autism Therapies
  11. Why I Choose Not to Drop Sign Language for My Daughter Who Has a Cochlear Implant
  12. A Cochlear Implant Success Story
  13. ASL Anti-bullying video
  14. ASL Nook - Disney in ASL
  15. New in the ISRC Library
August 2014
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Suggested by People You Know!
  3. Free service for children with hearing loss ages 6 months to 30 months: Child’s Voice selected to participate in special tele-intervention project
  4. Timely Diagnosis: A Resource Guide Supporting TeleAudiology
  5. August Conference for Professionals working with Students who are D/HH
  6. Three wonderful recent articles with videos on the Autism Site Blog
  7. eBulletins from the Raising and Educating Deaf Children: Foundations for Policy, Practice, and Outcomes website
  8. New rules require closed captioning of online video clips
  9. The Importance of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults on the Parenting Journey
  10. Two recent ASL videos by young talents
  11. Deaf SMAP research assistant guides students in more than technology
  12. ASL Nook - ABCs in ASL
  13. In Our Library: Erin’s Law related books and materials
July 2014
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Suggested by People You Know!
  3. Research Participants with Hearing Loss Needed
  4. National Fair Housing Alliance videos in ASL
  5. August Conference for Professionals working with Students who are D/HH
  6. 5 Autism Simulations to Help You Experience Sensory Overload
  7. Chérie King explores a world without limits
  8. ASL Translator App for iPad & iPhone
  9. ASL Videos starring Kids!
  10. Vernon Hills mom starts Girl Scout troop for deaf
  11. ASL Nook - Sports in ASL
  12. En nuestro biblioteca: Algunos libros españoles
June 2014
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Suggested by People You Know!
  3. Deaf Can Do It Community Service Day - 2014
  4. What the Eyes Reveal About the Brain
  5. August Conference for Professionals working with Students who are D/HH
  6. Free Products from The Clerc Center
  7. Barrington Native on Global Quest to Promote Deaf Rights
  8. Google Glass Adaptation Opens the Universe to Deaf Students
  9. Singapore Sign Language Stamps
  10. ASL Nook - Dance & Music in ASL
  11. In Our Library: Some Interesting New Titles
May 2014
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Suggested by People You Know!
  3. Hinsdale South High School Wins 2nd at 18th Annual National Academic Bowl for the Deaf
  4. Illinois Deaf Mentor Program survey = Una encuesta en el programa de Mentores Sordos de Illinois
  5. Expectations for caring for hearing devices
  6. A Son’s Deafness Prompts a Scientific Journey
  7. CONFIDENCE: deaf in a hearing world
  8. ASL Dictionary HD
  9. ASL Nook - Colors in ASL
  10. 1001 Children's Books in ASL (or at least 13)
  11. In Our Library: Books new to our library by Karen L. Anderson, PhD – Director, Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss
April 2014
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Suggested by People You Know!
  3. Disability Justice Mentoring Collective is seeking new youth to participate
  4. Animating Owen : Parents Reach Son With Autism Through Disney Movies
  5. Illinois E.A.R.S. ("Events and Resources Statewide") March 2014 Newsletter is available
  6. Clerc Center Offers Webinar on the Brain and Language
  7. Deaf Culture and Cochlear Implants: Can They Co-exist?
  8. “Parent-Implemented Communication Strategies” (PiCS) research project
  9. ASL Nook - The Leprechaun Whisperer
  10. Gallaudet Professional Studies Courses Summer 2014
  11. In Our Library: ASL Literacy Packets now on Vimeo
March 2014
  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Suggested by People You Know!
  3. 2014 ISRC DHH Behavior Support Recognitions
  4. Free Income Tax Assistance
  5. Illinois E.A.R.S. ("Events and Resources Statewide") Winter 2014 Newsletter is available
  6. National Resilience Resource Center website updated
  7. Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Day
  8. CEC Standards for Evidence-Based Practice in Special Education
  9. CI Connect 2014
  10. "Core Strategies for Supporting Children with a Dual Diagnosis of ASD and Deafness"
  11. "Understanding Deaf People in Counseling Contexts"
  12. ASL Nook - Opposite Words in ASL
  13. Emotions Matter -- The Ruler Approach
  14. In Our Library: Behavior and ASL Games
February 2014 1. Upcoming Events
2. Suggested by People You Know!
3. Free Income Tax Assistance
4. "Trust the power within"
5. TRIBES at the Steppenwolf Theatre
6. Revised autism screening tool offers more precise assessment
7. New Mood Chart from Chart Jungle
8. ITHI 2014 Parent Track
9. Buddy bench at Roundtown Elementary to help foster friendships
10. Emailable Tips for Teachers
11. ASL University
12. ISRC Annual Report for 2013
13. In Our Library: Children’s Books in Sign Language
January 2014 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. ISRC Annual Report for 2013
3. "We are the World" Videos in Honor of Nelson Mandella
4. TRIBES at the Steppenwolf Theatre
5. Division for Communicative Disorders and Deafness(DCDD) member survey results
6. Library for Children with Hearing Disability in India
7. ITHI 2014 Parent Track
8. Rockford toddler hears for the first time in months
9. Literacy Boosters + Learning about Hearing Loss & Devices
10. Free Download Book: Sometimes I Feel Green
11. Help for Paying for Hearing Aids from the Chicago Hearing Society
12. In Our Library: Videos New to our Collection
December 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Task Analysis
3. Visual Images for Theory of Mind and Autism
4. Personal Stress Management Kit for Kids
5. "Deaf learners and successful cognitive achievement"
6. Harry Potter and Hearing Loss
7. Article covering the use of Cued Speech at ISD
8. New webinar discusses split attention in the classroom
9. Holiday Communication Strategies
10. In Our Library: Deaf Education in the 21st Century: Topics and Trends (Book)
November 2013 1. Learn Health! Live Healthy!
2. Accommodation Card
3. Autism Speaks
4. The Power of Sign Language
5. RIT Math Competition for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students
6. Barbara Doyle Website
7. Article on Power of Attorney and Guardianship
8. Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence RULER
9. Six Primary Behavior Reinforcement Rules
10. In Our Library: Mental Health and Deafness (Book)
October 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. 27 Questions to Ask In Lieu of "How was school today?"
3. Sign Language Resources
4. Pragmatic Language Use in Deaf Early Childhood
5. Tax Deductions for the Deaf
6. Guide By Your Side is Looking for Parents
7. Deaf Night Out and Program Fundraiser in Lansing
8. Quality Instructional Strategies
9. Deaf Starting Full Back on Seattle Seahawks Football Team
10. In Our Library: Accountability-Based Reforms: The Impact on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students(Book)
September 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Back to School Resources
3. Hear the Cheers Fundraiser initiated by Eliza Peters
4. Gallaudet's Battle of the Books!
5. DHH Behavior Support Teams For Programs/Schools
6. Deaf Awareness Week September 22-28, 2013
7. Summary of Changes in the new DSM-5
8. The Smithsonian - "People with disabilities have been present throughout American history"
9. Bullying
11. In Our Library: Tease Monster: A Book About Teasing vs. Bullying(Book)
August 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Harry Potter Star Supports Sign Language Campaign
3. Meet: Bruno Kahne, Who Teaches Hearing People To Communicate Like Deaf People
4. Obama Picks Deaf Black Female Lawyer for White House Job
5. 12 Essential Coping Strategies Every Child Can Use
6. Signing with your Toddler
7. In Our Library: Literacy Instruction for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Professional Perspectives on Deafness: Evidence and Applications)(Book)
July 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Project Aspire is looking for research participants
3. Chicago Hearing Society
4. House Committee Passes ESEA Bill
5. Video Glossary of Strategies for students with ASD
6. Goodman Theater offers signed performances
7. MED-EL Announces FDA Approval of PULSAR, SONATA and MED-EL CONCERT Cochlear Implants for 1.5T MRI
8. Jace Lacob's article on the correlation between Switched and Birth's all ASL episode and the DPN protest
10. In Our Library: How Deaf Children Learn: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know (book)
June 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Behavior Solutions and Raising Happy Healthy Kids
3. Deaf Can Do It Community Service Day Participation Exceeds Last Year's Record
4. iStoryTime - Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy
5. Transitional Living Program at the Illinois School for the Deaf
6. Deaf Artist Relies on Sound for Artistic Medium
7. 10 Compliments Kids Need to Hear
8. A Haven for the Deaf Draws Federal Scrutiny Over Potential Discrimination
9. Deaf Students with Disabilities Network 10. Deaf Youth Center in Naperville, Illinois
11. In Our Library: You Are a Social Detective!: Explaining Social Thinking to Kids (book)
May 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Behavior Solutions and Raising Happy Healthy Kids
3. 50 Simple Household Items That Help Your Child Become A Math Whiz
4. Important Research About Early Learning
5. Four Things All Educators Should Understand About the Dyslexic Brain
6. Sign Language and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
7. Children's Show - Dr. Wonder's Workshop - in Sign Language
8. Family Resource Center on Disabilities
9. In Our Library: Fill a Bucket: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Young Children (book)
April 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Schaumburg Township Deaf Services
3. Free Internet Listening and Spoken Language Based Therapy Program
4. Bullying, Eating Disorders and More!
5. Deaf Autism America
6. ISRC Parent Facilitator Earns GBYS Parent Award 2013
7. The New Hampshire Parent Information and Resource Center
8. Gallaudet University Regional Outreach Center Survey
9. Hearing Loss Simulator
10. In Our Library: Intervening In Adolescent Problem Behavior: A Family-Centered Approach (book)
March 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Stories told in Sign Language
3. Talking about Women's Rights in ASL - Gallaudet's Phi Kappa Zeta Sorority
4. Pushing Science's Limits in Sign Language Lexicon
5. Using Social Skills Training For Children with Disabilities
6. Article - Remarkable Woman: Dana Suskind
7. Self Esteem Resources
8. Research Project: "Identifying the professional development needs of teachers supporting students with a dual diagnosis of deafness and autism spectrum disorder (ASD)"
9. Prince Harry visits a Deaf school in South Africa!
10. The Holley Family Village
11. In Our Library: Powerful, Practical Strategies to Overcome Your Child's Fears, Phobias, and Worries (book)
February 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Free Ride Passes on RTA, CTA, Metra, and Pace
3. Making History – The first TV episode completely in ASL!!
4. The Wizard of Oz in ASL
5. A PBIS Resource
6. Proposed Changes from Teacher Certification to Licensure
7. IL E.A.R.S. Newsletter
8. Debunking Myths about Positive Reinforcement
9. The Holley Family Village
10. In Our Library: The Power of Habit (CD audiobook)
December 2012 / January 2013 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Sign Language Resources
3. Teach Me Idioms and Teach Me Driver's Ed in ASL coming soon to the ISRC Library!!
4. Interpreted Plays at DePaul University!
5. Contests for DHH students
6. Video Series from HLAA
7. Deaf Worker at Boeing
8. Caption YouTube Videos
9. Processing and Responding to Tragedy
10. In Our Library: Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity (Book)
November 2012 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Charms!!
3. Mayor Bloomberg's Sign Language Interpreter
4. Illinois EARS newsletter
5. Interpreted Plays at DePaul University!
6. The RIT Digital Arts, Film, and Animation Competition for D/HH Students
7. "The Parenting Journey, Raising Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children" by Karen Putz
8. Need a One-Minute Timer?
9. - Resources for Families and Schools to Strengthen School Communities
10. In Our Library: Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions (Book)
October 2012 1. Suggested by People You Know!
2. Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Charms!!
3. Deaf Youth Center in Naperville
4. Interpreted Plays at DePaul University!
5. Math Competition for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
6. In Our Library: Crazy: a father's search through America's mental health madness (CD Audiobook)
September 2012 1. Should this Deaf Preschooler Change his Name?
2. The New Normal – Deaf Actress
3. News from the Interim ISD/ISVI Superintendent – Joan Forney
4. More on Deaf Olympic Stars!
5. Universal Design for Learning
6. ABCs of Teaching Children
7. Social Studies ideas with reading and writing connections!
8. Problem Solving Potty Training
9. World Relief Offers Help for Immigration Legal Issues
10. AMC Movie Theater Provide Equal Access for Deaf!
11. In Our Library: See What I'm Saying (DVD)
August 2012 1. Deaf Girl's Family Sues Scouts for Disbanding Troop
2. Film About Deaf UFC Fighter Matt Hamill
3. Preschool for Deaf Children Showing Great Success
4. Camp HERO Brings Sound of Music to Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Students
5. How the Deaf Brain Rewires Itself to 'Hear' Touch and Sight
6. Deaf Percussionist Evelyn Glennie and Kaos Signing Choir at the Olympic Opening Ceremony
7. In Our Library: Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms to Support Children with Challenging Behaviors: Implementing Data Driven Strategies! (Book)
July 2012 1. Saying "Don't" Won't Work
2. Sharing Autism Research on Deaf or Hard of Hearing
3. IDA Competition
4. Suggestions From People We Know!
5. Deaf-Blind Awareness and Video
6. New Obama Policy Will Spare Some From Deportation
7. In Our Library: Self Comes to Mind (CD Audiobook)
June 2012 1. Hard of Hearing Actor cast in Off Broadway Play "Tribes"
2. A Summer Newsletter from GURC
3. Comic Book Hero Wears Hearing Aids!!
4. Suggestions From People We Know!
5. FREE Parent Advocate Available
6. Deaf Can Do It Day Sets A World Record!!!
7. In Our Library: Sound and Fury: 6 Years Later (DVD)
May 2012 1. HEARS To You!- Mainstream Students who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing
2. ASHA – A Sound Classroom Environment
3. Smart Kids with LD: Empowering Parents to Help Their Kids Succeed
4. Suggestions From People We Know!
5. Advocate of the Year
6. President of Gallaudet's Message for Deaf Can Do It Day
7. In Our Library: Why I Am Me: All About CHARGE Syndrome (book)
April 2012 1. The Family Resource Center on Disabilities
2. The Illinois School for the Deaf Cochlear Implant Support Page
3. Blogs From Deaf Educators We Know!
4. SLAP - Sign Language Performers
5. In Our Library: Welcome to Your Child's Brain (CD audiobook)
March 2012 1. Resources for Hearing Aid Use Concerns in Teens
2. Deaf in the News!
3. The new NOT SO COCHLEAR implant
4. Strategies for Mood Related Behaviors at School
5. Self Esteem Building Games
6. Scattegories for English, Reading, Literacy, or Sign Language Classes
7. In Our Library: The Language Instinct by Steven Pinker (CD audiobook)
February 2012 1. ISRC Newsletter JUST for Parents
2. Top Ten Ways to Soothe a Tantrum
3. Dr. Seuss in ASL!!
4. DeafYoga
5. Understanding Individuals Who are Deaf and Low Functioning
6. A Glove That Teaches ASL!?
7. The American Academy of Audiology Presents...
8. Free Printable Behavior Charts for Parents and Teachers!
9. National Registry of Evidence-based Practices and Programs (NREPP)
10. In Our Library: Just Like You, A Children's Book About Acceptance and Inclusion - using a deaf mouse! (book)
January 2012 1. 10 Things That Are More Important than Discipline
2. Early Intervention- The Missing Link
3. Deaf Dog at the Missouri School for the Deaf
4. Santa Knows Sign Language!
5. Tantrums!
6. Discounted High-Speed Internet for D/HH
7. The Disadvantages of a One-to-One Paraprofessional
8. In Our Library: Diverse Learners in the Mainstream Classroom: Strategies for Supporting All Students Across Content Areas (book)
December 2011 1. Individual and Group Therapy for Children, Teens and Adults
3. State Medicaid Rankings of Adult Services for individuals with Disabilities
4. Clerc Center Upcoming Webinars
5. One Young Woman’s Story – About Growing Up Hard of Hearing!
6. ASL Music Videos and more by the Deaf Professionals Arts Network (D-PAN)
7. In Our Library: The World of Deaf Infants: a Longitudinal Study by Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans, Patricia Elizabeth Spencer, Lynne Sanford Koester (book)
November 2011 1. Video Games Are Actually Good for Kids
2. The Importance of Offering Children Choices
3. The Surprising Truth About What Motivates
4. Trend: Eliminate Schools for the Deaf??!!
5. Quiet Campus – A short form reality show on the Gallaudet Campus
6. Rush University Word Knowledge Study
7. In Our Library: Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes you Knew by Ellen Notbohm (book)
October 2011 1. CHARGE Sydrome Database
2. Quick and Helpful Charts and Forms
3. October is National Bully Prevention Month
4. Response Inhibition
5. Free Ride Card for Persons with Disabilities
6. In Our Library: Taking Care of Myself: a Hygiene, Puberty, and Personal Curriculum for Young People with Autism by Mary Wrobel (book)
September 2011 1. Low Cost Internet Provided by Comcast to Low Income Families
2. Hearing Loss Simulator
3. Research You Can Use – Strategies That Work
4. Start the Year off Right – Ideas From Teachers Around the World
5. Start the Year off Right – Parents
6. In Our Library: Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children by Daria J. Medwid and Denise Chapman Weston (book)
August 2011 1. ASL Literacy Packets
2. Hearing Aids for Families in Need
3. Through Your Child's Eyes: American Sign Language
4. Signing Art
5. Resources for Dealing with Behavior Problems
6. Hear the World
7. Rush University Needs D/HH Participants for Studies
8. In Our Library: Human Right to Language: Communication Access for Deaf Children by Lawrence M. Siegel (book)
July 2011 1. iPad/iPod/iPhone app for behavior and mood
2. National Association of the Deaf (NAD) Fights to Protect Schools for the Deaf
3. Deaf Owned and Operated Communications Business in IL!
4. Connection for Central Illinois Parents of Children with Special Needs
5. The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD)
6. In Our Library: Visual Thinking Strategies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: the Language of Pictures by Ellyn Lucas Arwood (book)
June 2011 1. Instrumental Enrichment
2. Family Engagement from Cradle to Career
3. iPad/iPod Apps for Special Education
4. Online Professional Development Opportunities
5. Must Know Manners!
6. Reaching out to Families of D/HH
7. In Our Library - Stories in Action: Interactive Tales and Learning Activities to Promote Early Literacy by Bill Gordh (Book)
May 2011 1. Differentiating Instruction for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students
2. Technology!
3. “Access” – Accessed and Denied!
4. Deaf Culture Lesson Plans
5. Itinerant Alliances
6. Meeting Social/Emotional Needs in the Classroom
7. Deaf/Hard of Hearing emphasis in upcoming ABC Drama
8. In Our Library - Meeting the Needs of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
April 2011 1. Deaf History Month
2. Sign Language Classes in Spanish
3. Theory of Mind
4. In Our Library - Through Deaf Eyes (Book and DVD)
March 2011 1. Suicide Prevention Program Resources
2. Cooking with Michi
3. NAD Praises California Dept. of Ed Video on ASL
4. In Our Library - Sign Languages in Contact (book)
February 2011 1. 17th Annual Winter Deaflympics
2. Zoodles – pre-k to 8yrs
3. IXL Math Resource
4. Casey's Cookies
5. Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Parent Achievement Award
6. In Our Library - Jellybean Jamboree: 6 Lifeskill Units for Young Children by Susan Jelleberg (book)
January 2011 1. needs your help!!!
2. DeAf Jam
3. Deaf-owned and Deaf-related businesses
4. Steppenwolf Theater
5. In Our Library - Open Your Eyes: Deaf Studies Talking
December 2010 1. Deaf TV Channel – Glee for Deaf – Imagine
2. Predicting behavior problems in deaf and hearing children: The influences of language, attention, and parent–child communication
3. US Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services visited the Maryland School for the Deaf
4. Transition services through DRS on the ITHI website
5. In Our Library - Visual Thinking Strategies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: the Language of Pictures by Ellyn Lucas Arwood (book)
November 2010 1. Reader Recommended Resource: Weebly, create your own website
2. Deaf Resource Library
3. Social Skills Activities
4. Raising a deaf or hard-of-hearing child
5. In Our Library - Ready, Set, Potty!: Toilet Training for Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders by Brenda Batts (Book)
September/October 2010 1. Reader Recommended Resource: Functional Assessment Support
2. Improving Family Involvement
3. D/HH Motherese - talking to deaf and hard of hearing children so they learn and listen
4. Deaf Cinema
5. In Our Library - Parents' Guide to Cochlear Implants by Patricia M. Chute & Mary Ellen Nevins (book)
August 2010 1. ASL News
2. Astronaut Caldwell Dyson Sends Sign Language Message From Space Station
3. Philip J Rock Center saved for a few more weeks.then what??
4. Follow up to the 2009 ISRC/ISD bus trip debacle
5. In Our Library - Shake-It-Up Tales!: Stories to Sing, Dance, Drum, and Act Out by Margaret Read MacDonald (book)
June/July 2010 1. Digital Update Reader Recommended sites: Executive Functioning
2. iTransition – transition curriculum for D/HH teens
3. The Deaf Yoga Foundation
4. BULLYING: What Parents and Teachers Should Know
5. In Our Library - Siblings with special needs
- Sibling Slam Book: What it’s Really Like to have a Brother or Sister with Special Needs
- Oh Brother: Growing Up with a Special Needs Sibling
April/May 2010 1. Digital Update Reader Recommended Resources: Edmodo - A Facebook for your classroom
2. "Express Yourself" Video contest
3. ITHI Treasure Chest: materials for educating deaf and hard of hearing children
4. Hiring: Guide by Your Side is looking for more parents!
5. In Our Library - Implementing Positive Behavior Support Systems in Early Childhood and Elementary Settings by Melissa Stormont (book)
March 2010 1. Digital Update Reader Recommended Resources - iPhone iTouch IEP application
2. Study skills, strategies, and graphic organizers
3. MySignLink dictionary - to be used while watching captioned videos on the internet
4. NDVH (National Domestic Violence Hotline) has DHH and DB Outreach Program
5. In Our Library - Creative Therapy for Children with Autism, ADD, and Asperger's by Janet Tubbs (book)
February 2010 1. Digital Update Reader Recommended Resources
2. HandSpeak Sign Language Goldmine
3. Experiential opportunity for D/HH students who desire technology careers
4. New addition in the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP): "Young Heroes: Louis Braille"
5. In Our Library - ADHD: a Complete and Authoritative Guide by Michael I. Reiff (book)
January 2010 1. A Parent’s Guide to Hearing Loss
2. My Baby’s Hearing – hearing loss info and resources in English and Spanish
3. Itinerant Tools & Treasures
4. Reading to Deaf Children
5. In Our Library - Deaf Child Crossing by Marlee Matlin (book)
December 2009 1. Skype helps students communicate with deaf
2. December Holiday Celebration Resources
3. 14 Fun Activities for Winter Break
4. A letter from Diane Chambers introducing her new book Words in My Hands, A Teacher, A Deaf-Blind Man, An Unforgettable Journey
5. In Our Library - Once Upon a Time: Storytelling to Teach Character and Prevent Bullying by Elisa Davy Pearmain (book)
November 2009 1. Content Specific ASL vocabulary resource
2. Bulletin Board ideas
3. Music Therapy
4. ASLEnglish
5. In Our Library - Classroom Management for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders by Roger Pierangelo
October 2009 1. D/HH accessible drive thru
2. Successful Deaf Percussionist - Evelyn Glennie
3. Case for Inclusion
4. Developing Family/School Partnerships
5. In Our Library - 131 Creative strategies for Reaching Children with Anger Problems
September 2009 1. 2009 Deaflympics
2. X Games Deaf Medalist
3. Resilience activities for kids
4. ASL Silent Chef
5. In Our Library - The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary DVD
August 2009 1. Back to School Tips for PARENTS
2. Back to School Tips for TEACHERS
3. Back to School Tips for: STUDENTS
4. National Association of the Deaf (NAD) launches new website
5. In our Library: The World of Deaf Infants: a Longitudinal Study by Kathryn P. Meadow-Orlans, Patricia Elizabeth Spencer, Lynne Sanford Koester (book)
July 2009 1. 2009 Special Education Rights Guide
2. More stuff for kids to do this summer!
3. Alphabetical Guide to Child behavior, Development & Parenting
4. EARLY CHILDHOOD RESOURCE: Things You Need to Know About Early Childhood Behavior Management
5. EARLY CHILDHOOD RESOURCE: Teaching and expecting responsibility in 3-6 year olds
6. In our Library: Kid-Friendly Parenting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children by Daria J. Medwid and Denise Chapman Weston (book)
June 2009 1. ABC News covers the hearing aid bill: Bill SB 68
2. Illinois School for the Deaf at TECH 2009 with their XO laptops from the One Laptop per Child Program
3. Cheat sheet: Function of Behavior
4. Summertime To Do for Kids
5. In Our Library - Deaf Musicians by Pete Seeger and Paul DuBois Jacobs (picture book)
May 2009 1. ISRC and John Powers Center in Gallaudet's Odyssey Magazine
2. 2009 Summer Camps for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth
3. Biography resource of Deaf Scientists
4. Accessible information about H1N1 flu (Swine Flu)
5. In Our Library - Movers and Shakers: Deaf People Who Changed the World
April 2009 1. Deaf and Hard of Hearing friendly Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church
2. Hearing loss simulations including links to CI and Auditory Neuropathy simulations
3. The Bellville Area Special Services Cooperative policy regarding behavioral interventions for students with disabilities
4. Ohio Treasure Chest is an online collection of thousands of websites which are high-quality, teacher-reviewed, interactive, and free
5. Principles for Reading to Deaf Children
6. In Our Library - DVD "Signing for Life" by Barbara Doyle
March 2009 1. NPR story about gadgets for the deaf and blind communities
2. President Obama’s name sign
3. Deafness and mental disorders
4. In Our library - The Anger Solution Program Kit by Lisa Schab
February 2009 1. Captioned and/or described Biography of Barack Obama
2. A Review of Evidence-Based Literacy Research with Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
3. Social Skills Magazine by the Autism Asperger Publishing Company
4. The Deaf Family; 5th and Final Episode
5. Real teacher accounts of the behavior plans used in their classrooms and more
6. Printouts and online learning resource
7. In Our Library - The ADD hyperactivity handbook for schools: effective strategies for identifying and teaching ADD students in elementary and secondary schools by Harvey C. Parker
January 2009 1. Article: Hard of Hearing Reed Doughty of the Washington Redskins interview with Hearing Loss Magazine
2. Bullying curriculum
3. ASLpro sign language resource
4. Disability Law Lowdown Podcasts
5. In Our Library - Better IEPs: How to Develop Legally Correct and Educationally Useful Programs
December 2008 1. Deaf Digest and Deaf Digest Sports
2. Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Grants for D/HH and the field
3. Character Development and Life Skills
4. Behavior and Classroom Management
5. BrainPOP - Support for any content area; grades K-8 and Spanish resources
6. Academic Development Institute (ADI)
7. In Our Library - Attainment's social story readers by Shelia Lechler and Debbie Semple
November 2008 1. Behavioral Health Videos in ASL
2. Medical resource for D/HH
3. Parent Partnerships
4. Center for Accessible Technology in Sign (CATS)
5. ISRC joins Facebook!!
6. In Our Library - Learning with Technology by Chris Dede
October 2008 1. Jobs, Careers and Callings of D/HH persons
2. The Interactive Collaborative Autism Network (ICAN) information/training modules
3. A Guide for Parents: Helping Your Child Succeed in School
4. 'Yes I Can! Awards'
5. The Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities (SDFSC)
6. In Our Library - Alandra's Lilacs
August 2008 1. Center for Disease Control
2. Executive Function and its impact on students
3. Kids health
4. UNHS day follow up newsletter
5. In Our Library - ASL and Deaf Studies PowerPoint
July 2008 1. Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention for Young Children
2. US Department of Education's website
3. America's first female deaf Ph.D. in computer science
4. West Suburban Association of the Deaf (WSAD)
5. In Our Library - The Out of Sync Child Has Fun
June 2008 1. Odyssey Magazine Volume 9 Issue 1 - Autism
2. MegaSkills for children, parents and teachers
3. Educational Activities and Games
4. 99 engaging Summertime ideas
5. In Our Library - Rethinking the Education of Deaf Students: Theory and Practice from a Teacher's Perspective.
May 2008 1. Student Involvement in the IEP process
2. Marlee Matlin Interview
3. Raising deaf kids
4. Curriculum - The Teacher's Corner
5. In Our Library - Cochlear Implant Video
April 2008 1. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Issues in the General Assembly
2. Sign Language Inclusion in websites
3. Animated ASL storytelling
4. Helen Keller - rare photo
5. Study Skills
6. Stress and relaxation
7. In Our Library - The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay.
March 2008 1. The ASL Project at DePaul
2. NAD and DCMP Celebrates Nationwide Read Captions Across America
3. Building School-Family Partnerships
4. WSD - Anti-suicide program launched
5. Spice up your cooking with help from Deaf Chef Jeff Perri
6. In Our Library - 101 Bully Prevention Activities
February 2008 1. Local connection - ABC 7 News: Bolingbrook Steak and Shake not meeting needs of D/HH
2. Behavior - Strategies for Reducing Unwanted Behaviors; Effective Commands
3. Interpreting - Performing Arts
4. Curriculum – Reading: Visual Phonics
5. In Our Library - Learning to Sign: Bravo Curriculum
January 2008 1. Career Information for D/HH youth and their parents
2. Information of legal rights and representation
3. Behavior and classroom management
4. Autism Resources and information
5. New software - VideoSign 3.0
6. Vlogs
7. In Our Library - Meaningful Life skills: Reproducible Activity Handouts for Older Adults
December 2007 1. PowerPoint - Music Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students
2. Brain Behavior - brain power reroutes to be used for visual nerves
3. VLOG - Discussions and Questions related to deafness and Deaf issues
4. Interventions and Strategies - ADD and Learning Disabilities
5. In Our Library - Wake Up Your Creative Genius by Kurt Hanks & Jay Parry
November 2007 1. Check and Connect
2. RKR - Results for Kids: Resources
3. Curriculum Ideas - Second Grade, Multi Disciplinary Listings
4. New! At ISRC - Online training videos - Terry Scott 2006
5. In Our Library - Attainment's Social Skills Stories
October 2007 1. Chart - Impact of hearing loss
2. Research article - Impact of hearing loss
3. Resources and information - Phonak
4. Curriculum help - Art
5. In Our Library - Promoting Social Success: A Curriculum for Children with Special Needs
September 2007 1. Article - Response to Intervention
2. On the Right Track - Deaf Accessibility
3. The Arts - Deaf Performing Artists Network
4. Success Stories - Rochester School for the Deaf
5. In Our Library – DEAFology