Parents Resource List

The intent is to have information for services in Illinois specific for students with a hearing loss.  Updates will be made as information becomes available and/or changes.  We hope this website will be a living website.  This information will be updated on a regular basis.  Please contact us via email when you notice that links to resources are broken or resources are missing. 

Some information is general in nature and can be used by any person with a hearing loss. 

DeafTEC - DeafTEC provides resources for high schools and community colleges that educate deaf and hard-of-hearing students in STEM-related programs.

Transition Resource Directory/ Transition Checklist - This directory includes a checklist of transition activities for each year of high school. - 

Postsecondary Achievement of Deaf People in Illinois: 2017 - 

IEP Goal Ideas for Independent Living and Ideas for Vocational Activities 

Social Security Office Locations