Are you looking for post-secondary resources for your child?  Do you need guidance for the next step?  The IPATH website has resources, information, and training for you.

The Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that planning for transition services be included in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process. IDEA requires that needed transition begin to be discussed in a student's IEP by the age of 14. If it is agreed upon by the IEP team, a student can remain in special education until the day before their 22nd birthday.  The IEP team should consider areas of instruction, related services, community experience, employment, and adult living goals including links to post-school services such as adult service agencies.  Upon graduation or exiting special education, a Summary of Performance (SOP) should be provided to your child.  This document will summarize your school experience and provide contact information for adult service agencies.

Parent tips for a successful transition: 

  • Support your student with realistic transition goals & expectations

  • Participate & be an equal member of the IEP team

  • Collaborate with professionals

  • Assist in providing information on your child?s strengths, interests, necessary accommodations, and attendance at appointments