Training - Students/Graduates

There are many training materials available to support a successful transition from high school to post-secondary experiences.  These materials can be reviewed on your own, or they can be shared for a group presentation.  Some focus on transition to work, some to college, and some to adulthood in general.

Some overall resources for training materials on the topic of transition include:


National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC),


DeafVerse:  Interactive Online Game for Self-Advocacy, Understand Your Rights, and Develop Self-Determination Skills


Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center A national website that provides information about transition to adulthood Information for students on the go, financial aid, applying for college, transition planning and careers.  

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center  A resource to help state education agencies establish practical and rigorous data collection systems that will measure and profile the postschool experiences of youth with disabilities.