ISRC eLearning Academy

Click on a module to view and access training materials. To obtain credit for free CPDUs, please see the checklist that is included each module. Complete the checklist and return it to ISRC via fax, e-mail, or regular mail with any additional required documents. The complete information is on the checklist. To obtain credit for free CPDUs or EI credits, please see the checklist that is included with each module. Your submission will be reviewed and returned to you within 30 days.

Guide to Using ISRC eLearning Academy for Teacher Institutes

The Illinois Service Resource Center eLearning Academy can be used to provide Teacher Institute training at no cost. ISRC videotapes presentations by experts from around the country and makes them available on the ISRC website.

To use the eLearning Academy for Teacher Institutes, use the following steps:

1. Participants view the video together as a group
2. Participants complete the quiz individually
3. Participants complete one of the activities with a partner or in small groups
4. Participants complete the evaluation form
5. Send the completed materials to ISRC to receive Evidence of Completion forms

Module 1 -- Classroom Accommodations for DHH -- CPDUs: 3-5
Module 2 -- Autism Spectrum Disorders and Deafness -- CPDUs: 3-5 -- EIs: 2
Module 4 -- Bipolar -- CPDUs: 3-5
Module 5 -- Borderline Personality Disorder -- CPDUs: 3-5
Module 6 -- Conduct or Oppositional Defiant Disorders -- CPDUs: 3-5
Module 9 -- Positive Behavior Support Plans -- CPDUs: 5-7
Module 10 -- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder -- CPDUs: 2-4
Module 17 -- Prevent, Teach, Reinforce Model -- CPDUs: 5
Module 18 -- New Behavior Team Member Orientation -- CPDUs: 3-4
Module 27 -- Behaviorama -- CPDUs: 6
Module 28 -- Complex Deaf Kids: Uncharted Territory -- CPDUs: 6
Module 30 -- FM Technology in the Classroom -- CPDUs: 3