Model Classroom

Model Classroom Status Available in Seven Categories

The Illinois Service Resource Center initiated a Model Classroom program that provides an opportunity for educators to be recognized for their implementation of effective strategies. Recognition is awarded to classrooms that exhibit exemplary use of evidence based behavioral support practices for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Educators who meet the criteria for Model Classroom Status are more likely to be prepared and effective teachers and are more likely to competently implement effective interventions.

Recognition of Model Classroom Status is available in seven categories: 1) Classroom Expectations, 2) Structure and Routine, 3) Active Engagement, 4) Response to Behavior, 5) Positive Reinforcement Practices, 6) Data for Decision Making, and 7) Teacher and Support Staff Supervision of Environment. “Achieved” status is required for all criteria on the self-assessment, in that category. Model Classroom Status is awarded for a three year period. After that time period teachers may submit an application for continued recognition over the next three year period.

Once Model Classroom Status is achieved, educators from other schools have an opportunity to observe the classroom. Various aspects of the successful strategies are videotaped and shared on the ISRC website. The goal is to have a picture and/or video demonstrating successful implementation of each of the criteria on the application.

ISRC Model Classroom Application

ISRC Model Classroom Self-Assessment Survey

ISRC Model Classroom Self-Assessment Survey with examples in PDF

Dawn Mayerak, Kathleen Durkin-Mirabella, and Maureen O’Brien of Southwest Cook Coop achieved ISRC Model Classroom status in four categories.

Jennifer Washington of ECHO Coop achieved ISRC Model Classroom Status in seven categories.