2011-2012 Behavior Team Recognitions

ISRC D/HH Behavior Team Recognitions for the 2011-2012 school year were presented at the 2012 ITHI Conference. Representatives from some of the teams recognized are pictured below.

Fiscal year: 

2011 to 2012

Teams Photo: 

Teams Achieving Level 4 Recognition: 

Exceptional Children Have Opportunities (ECHO)
Low Incidence Cooperative Agreement (LICA)
Northwest Illinois Association (NIA)
Plainfield School District 202
Southwest Cooperative

Teams Achieving Level 3 Recognition: 

Child's Voice School
Eisenhower Cooperative
Hinsdale South High School
Homer School District 33C

Teams Achieving Level 2 Recognition: 

Children of Peace
John Kinzie School
Lincoln Way Cooperative

Teams Achieving Level 1 Recognition: 

SPEED Cooperative