Data Collection, Graphing & Interpretation in the Classroom

Overview: Practice the skill of real-time data collection and data driven decision making through its entirety. Along the journey participants will identify the goals of collecting data and the importance of data analysis. The module concludes with ways to select appropriate positive interventions and determine efficacy.

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Raven Stromek, DHH Behavior Specialist
Dr. Daniel Friedman, Psychologist
Dr. Steve Vaupel, DHH Behavior Specialist
Brenda Schmidt, DHH Supervisor
Jen Rees, DHH Educator

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To obtain credit for free CPDUs, please see the checklist that is included each module. Complete the checklist and return it to ISRC via fax 847-559-8199, e-mail [email protected], or regular mail with any additional required documents. The complete information is on the checklist.

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