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January 2011

New Year, New Look

Upcoming Events

~ Saturday January 8, 2011 Sabado 8 de Enero, 2011 An Illinois Deaf Latino Event: Three Wise Kings Day El Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos. For more information visit

~ January 8, 2011 Cued Speech workshop 9300 Capitol Drive Wheeling, IL 60090
Beginning Workshop - 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Intermediate Workshop - 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
The registration fee for each workshop is $75.00 per person which includes the cost of materials. Workbooks, research materials, and general information on Cued Speech are provided. Registration form and payment must be received 14 days prior to the scheduled workshops. Fees are non-refundable. For more information visit:

~ Enjoying Music with a Cochlear Implant: Workshops for families and professionals at Child’s Voice 180 Hansen Court Wooddale, IL 60191
To register please visit or call Cochlear at 800 523 5798.
- Adults, Family Members, and Parents of Children with Cochlear Implants: Thursday, January 13th, 2011 6:00 – 8:00 pm. This workshop is free, but advanced registration is required.
- A One-Day Workshop for Professionals - Friday, January 14, 2011 8:30 – 4:00. The conference fee is $40 for professionals, $20 for students. This fee includes HOPE Notes (a music rehabilitation product), as well as morning coffee, lunch and conference materials.

~ Friday February 11, 2011 Viernes 11 de Febrero, 2011. An Illinois Deaf Latino Event: Happy Valentine Day Feliz Dia de los Enamorados For more information visit

~ The 47th Annual ITHI conference will be held at the Naperville Holiday Inn Select on March 4th and 5th, 2011.

~ March 5-6, 2011 Mom’s Night Inn; Northern Illinois. Details coming soon.

~ March 26-27, 2011 Mom’s Night Inn; Central Illinois. Details coming soon.

~ Sunday May 1, 2011 Domingo 1 de Mayo,2011. An Illinois Deaf Latino Event: Cinco de Mayo Day El Dia del 5 de Mayo For more information visit

~ Summer Dates to Save!!
      The Institute For Parents of Preschool Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (Institute) is held annually in June at the Illinois School for the Deaf in Jacksonville. This year, the Institute will take place June 12-17, 2011. The mission of the Institute is to provide information and support to families, so that they can make informed decisions on behalf of their child who is deaf or hard of hearing. It is a one week program for parents of children (up to age 5) who have a significant hearing loss. Parents learn about hearing loss, their child’s individual strengths and needs, and meet other parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. One parent described the Institute this way, An incredibly useful week to prepare my child for a life of learning. For more information contact the University of Illinois Division of Specialized Care for Children at 1-800-322-3722. Information flyers are available in English and Spanish upon request
      Creative and Performing Arts Camp for children with hearing loss in grades 3 to 6 will take place at the Illinois School for the Deaf June 19-24, 2011. For more information, email
      Sports Camp for children who are deaf or hard of hearing in grades 5 to 8 will take place at the Illinois School for the Deaf June 19-24, 2011. For more information, email

~ Saturday August 27, 2011 Sabado 27 de Agosto, 2011. An Illinois Deaf Latino Event: Family Picnic Day Ano de la Familia de campo For more information visit

~ Saturday September 17, 2011 Sabado 17 de Septiembre 2011. An Illinois Deaf Latino Event: Deaf Latino Awareness Day Día del conocimiento del Sordo Latino For more information visit

~ Saturday October 15, 2011 Sabado 15 de Octubre, 2011. An Illinois Deaf Latino Event: Miss Deaf Latina Pageant Senorita Sorda Latina Pageant For more information visit

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  3. DeAf Jam
  4. Deaf-owned and Deaf-related businesses
  5. Steppenwolf Theater
  6. In Our Library - Open Your Eyes: Deaf Studies Talking (Book)


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DeAf Jam

Deaf Jam is a documentary film where American Sign Language (ASL) meets Spoken Word. A group of New York City deaf teens reveal their passions, frustrations, and senses of humor as they discover and explore ASL poetry - eventually stepping into the world of the youth poetry slams with their hearing peers. With ties to rap and hip hop culture, National poetry slams for youth have been gaining momentum but few, if any, deaf teens have ever been included in these contests. DeAf Jam chronicles young deaf poets witnessing and attempting to participate in these contests for the first time. Performing in ASL, a dramatic visual language, the poets use rhythm, movement and body language to create a cinematic equivalent to oral poetry. In the film, the poets use sign language and poetry not only to express themselves, but also to raise issues about disability and the future of ASL. Pitted against the journey of the poets and contributing to this bittersweet story, is a counter-narrative, which traces the increasing erosion of this indigenous art form in the face of technologies and the educational system 'serving' to mainstream the Deaf into the hearing world. The film seeks to use innovative techniques to convey the beauty of sign language poetry to hearing audiences and to honor the wishes of most of the characters who do not want to be artificially voiced. Check out video clips, ASL poetry, actor bios and more at

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Deaf-owned and Deaf-related businesses
Deaf-owned and Deaf-related businesses selling deaf technology, deaf education, deaf novelties, deaf books, deaf videos, sign language videos, sign language, and more.

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Steppenwolf Theater

Steppenwolf Theater (1650 N. Halsted Street Chicago IL 60614) offers a sign language interpreted performance for people who are deaf or hard of hearing on a selected Sunday at 7:30pm for each production of the subscription series:
Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? January 9, 2011
Sex with Strangers March 27, 2011
The Hot L Baltimore May 1, 2011
Middletown July 24, 2011
For more information visit:

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In Our Library - Open Your Eyes: Deaf Studies Talking (Book)

Summary: Introduces readers to the key concepts and debates in deaf studies and offers perspectives on the relevance and richness of deaf ways of being in the world. Topics covered include "framing deaf studies", "deaf perception and community", "language and literacy" and "places and borders".

Link to Catalog

**Remember our materials are free to borrow and will be mailed to you directly with return postage included. You are invited to take advantage of this extremely valuable resource. The library consists of an expanding collection of over 1200 items, including books, videotapes, audiotapes, test kits, and games related to deafness, deaf culture, sign language, audiology, mental health, behavior management, parenting, and administration. For more information or to request a specific item, please call ISRC at (847)559-8195 or (800)550-4772, e-mail us at, or visit **

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