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Frequency Frequency Daily Total
Prioritizing a Target Behavior Intensive by Hour
Opportunities Opportunities
Out of 10 Opportunities  
Check-In Check-Out or Rating Scale
CICO 3 Goals Numbers  
CICO 3 Goals Smile/Frown  
CICO 2 Goals Numbers  
CICO 2 Goals Smile/Frown Intensity CICO Goal All 2s and 3s
CICO 1 Goal Weekly Numbers Intensity CICO Goal Based on Points
CICO 1 Goal Weekly Numbers Few  
CICO 1 Goal Weekly Smile/Frown  
CICO 1 Goal Weekly Smile/Frown Few  

Deaf Culture Lesson Plans

This set of deaf culture lesson plans was created by a group of educators at a 2011 Illinois Teachers of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Individuals (ITHI) Conference Workshop. The educators were provided with deaf culture materials from the ISRC Library and given time to create the plans. If you have questions about the plans or would like to borrow deaf culture items from the ISRC Library, please contact us via e-mail ([email protected]) or phone (847-559-8195).

ASL Literacy Packets

Thanks to the phenomenal work of Illinois State University graduate student Afton Gillis, ISRC has ASL Literacy Packets based on seven popular picture books. Each packet includes descriptions and demonstrations of the signs in the story, and three literacy activities - including all neccessary handouts or manipulatives. You can view each packet as an e-book or download it as a PDF.

To access our ASL Literacy Packets, please go here

Data Collection Coaching

Many educators find it challenging to collect behavioral data on students while they are teaching.  ISRC provides coaching support related to data collection methods, and can also record behavioral data in the classroom at the same time as a teacher to compare for inter-rater reliability.  A data graphing service provides assistance in converting collected data into meaningful graphs and charts which can be used for data-based decision making.  If you are interested in data collection coaching, please contact us at [email protected] or (847) 559-8195.

Model Classroom

Classroom Management Mentoring

ISRC offers a year long Classroom Management Mentoring program to ALL teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing interested in learning ways to have an effective and well run classroom. The curriculum for this program is based on the seven core elements of a well run classroom. All sessions take place on site in your classroom or available meeting space.  With our gentle coaching and support, you will methodically and confidently put best practices into practice - instantly and effectively. You will also earn CPDU credits after you complete the program. If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact us via phone (847-559-8195) or e-mail ([email protected]).

ISRC eLearning Academy (Free CPDUs)

The ISRC eLearning Academy offers a variety of training modules that can be completed, at any hour, wherever you receive internet access.  eLearning Academy users do not need to sign-up ahead of time or wait for a course to be offered.  The modules are continuously available at The easy to follow checklist insures that all of the requirements are completed for CPDU credit. Beween 3 and 5 credits can be earned for each completed module, with some modules providing opportunities for additional credits.  Currently thirty modules are available, with more in development.